By David Marcus

I recently realized my mornings have become relatively calm and so much happier.

I get up early to read my online subscriptions to the Washington Post, New York Times, the New Yorker, etc (you get the idea). I just love the news! It used to be that I’d then turn to see what ugly, hate-filled tweets filtered through the internet and ended up on my laptop.

David Marcus

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention those tweets from those who are best described as having misfiring minds, otherwise known as conspiracy theorists. There is nothing that will make you sadder than seeing someone publicly posting that they aren’t going to get the vaccine because Bill Gates is using the vaccine to implant 5G tracking mechanisms in your body to track your movements, or some other garbage like that.

It is especially sad to see people around you whose minds have deteriorated to such a degree that they believe garbage like this, and for whom YouTube is their holy grail.

And then, Twitter cancelled them! And if they weren’t cancelled, their sources of garbage got cancelled, like the tweeter-in-chief who got kicked out of public housing in the West Wing. So now they have nothing to tweet!

Now I wake up and read about people who are attempting to fix things. In Hebrew, its called “Tikun Olam,” roughly translated to mean “repairing the world.” How fun!

Last week, we actually saw Congress pass a monumental bill designed to help Americans pay their rent, buy groceries, pay for their utilities, buy medicine for their children. Over 60 percent of Americans (and almost half of all Republicans) were in support of this!

So, we’re healing … but the Trump mistake will take decades to fix. And it will take a level of bipartisanship and unity that does not exist today. It will take some tough love, and lots of hard work to dig ourselves out of this. 

Will democracy survive? I’m really not sure. In fact, right now I’m not betting on it.

But, Americans have surprised me before. So, I have hope and I hope you do too.

David Marcus is an El Paso certified public accountant. He is a board member and financial supporter of El Paso Matters.

Cover photo courtesy of the White House.