Who’s running for this seat?

David Adams, 53, is the president of CSI Roofing, Inc. and CEO of A-1 Construction, Remodeling & Roofing Inc.

Blanca Trout, 60, is a Canutillo Independent School District trustee. 

Candidate Questionnaires

El Paso Matters sent questionnaires to every candidate in a contested primary race to help you decide who you want to represent you. Candidates were asked to limit their responses to 100 words. Responses have been lightly edited for grammar and to fit the word count.

Why are you running for this office and what makes you the best candidate?

David Adams: I’m running because I have seen for too long the same old political landscape here in El Paso. We see the politicians do the following: Foolish Spending of taxpayers monies. Lies, secrets, back door deals. No accountability. No access. El Pasoans are tired of it and so am I! I will bring transparency, accountability, and integrity back to Commissioners Court. I am the only true Republican in this race. My opponents have no experience for this office. They are title searchers, who can only do more harm than good. The other is an Independent, who by his own words told my campaign staff he got in the Republican primary because they got back to him first.

Blanca Trout: I’m running because giving is my first nature, serving my community is my priority! With passion, respect and effective actions working strong with successful changes with ethical principles and to make significant changes. I choose to run for this position for the passion in me to serve, with knowledge, experience, dedication, transparency and accountability that characterizes me as a good public servant. Direct communication with our community is my priority with my open doors policy. I’m a proud Hispanic Woman, and that gives me the great opportunity to communicate in both my languages. My experience in Legislate and administrate gives me the attitude of serving and to listen the community concerns mobilizes me to get into action with hands on in the workplace.

What efficiencies in county government would you support to minimize the need for tax increase?

David Adams: I believe we have a lot of foolish spending. My team and I will be looking to cut these programs, and expenses. We are at a critical time now. COVID-19 did a number on all of us. We need to find ways to save monies, invest in positive programs, get the most on our investment.

Blanca Trout: Supporting and utilizing the benefits and funds from U.S. House and Senate Bills that provide federal and state funding guidelines for our county. That helps and improves local infrastructure without harming our tax rate.

Much of the county budget goes to the criminal justice system. How would you control costs for that system while ensuring public safety?

David Adams: I am 100% pro law enforcement, we need to support all of our first responders. We need to look at, again I say it, foolish spending, not needed items I will vote no. But I will vote for all necessary equipment, and infrastructure needed. That has proper needs for our community. The only way we can control our taxes is to be more frugal on our spending.

Blanca Trout: Creating a financial balance and a risk management assessment to identify and analyze the priorities and needs for a better financial function not affecting our taxpayers economy with a conservative allocation in every function for a better control and operations without neglecting the important need, that is public safety and taxpayers.

Do you support further increasing County Judge and County Commissioner salaries? Please explain.

David Adams: My team and I have looked into the numbers, the county judge, and commissioners make more than enough money in their salaries. I will say no on any raises while I’m a commissioner. There are more important issues needed for the next five years, this office makes money. And it’s not on my top agenda.

Blanca Trout: Not giving growth to the salary, this function directly affects the taxpayers and is reflected in our economy. I understand that each person is worthy of their salary, but it is very gratifying to put more effort, passion and dedication in what we do, but all with the established measure (the median) for a better public function and satisfaction for our community in this matter.

What measures would you take as County Commissioner to increase income levels in El Paso County?

David Adams: We need to bring better paying jobs to El Paso, Texas period. This will be on my get it done list, we also need to promote from within our city, keep our families here. Now is the time to strike. Jobs are there and they’re hiring. We need to get people back to work being a contributor to the community and society. I will work on helping anyone who needs a job, wants to work — job fairs, career days, mentorships, schooling. Everyone could use some help at this time, throw pride out the window. I will also work with other business-minded individuals to help with these problems.

Blanca Trout: Always giving the most cordial welcome to new business and companies which create and are part of the great economy source creating jobs and important revenue and tourist attractions for El Paso County.

What infrastructure projects would you support if elected?

David Adams: It’s hard to say I have a big wish list. Lol but I think the storm water issue on the westside of El Paso, Canutillo, Westway, and Vinton areas have top priorities. And also in the Northeast. We need to be proactive, not reactive. Number two: making serious headway in the Northeast side of town, it’s the stepchild of our city. We need to bring business and infrastructure to this much needed side of town. I will be out and about meeting citizens, hearing their ideas, their wants and needs. All of El Paso has issues that need attention. I will work on them.

Blanca Trout: Safety and Security is one of my top priorities, to support the first responders and to provide them with fair benefits and services. This is essential for those who watch over our citizens’ security. Optimize our Public Health and community service facilities for a better financial and efficient management. Streamline and finish our roads, streets and bridges in optimal conditions for better ground transportation and communication for our community and travelers. Establish communication with other entities and reach to an agreement to establish new routes that are still deficient in our County. Optimize the transportation needs for our community and strengthen services and advocate for our disabled people with transportation options.

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