By James Revels

After Sandy Hook, every reasonable person said the mass murder of children could not happen again, but our children continue to die needlessly at the hands of gun owners, enabled by spineless Republicans and the NRA. 

Jim Revels is a retired Army colonel and longtime El Paso resident.

Still recovering from the needless death of 23 El Pasoans in 2019, we all are once again forced to face the ugly reality of gun violence in this state.

The mass murder of 19 children and two teachers flows from the senseless actions of a teenager who cannot purchase a beer, but was able to purchase two assault weapons of war. This is just the latest in a continuing string of deadly incidents that have become normalized. 

Of course, there will be speeches decrying the needless loss of life, as well as calls for thoughts and prayers. Families do not need our prayers and thoughts, they need action to prevent the next mass murder, but nothing will be done, and the next incident can be accurately predicted.

Gun ownership makes the owner less safe, as proven by all the accidental shootings, suicides and theft of privately owned weapons. Every gun owner claims protection as the reason for ownership of deadly weapons. 

Since the reasons for owning weapons are fueled by fear, we must somehow erase this fear. We all must ask, what are you afraid of?

Following every mass shooting, I am forced to join a long line of outraged citizens and voters who keep demanding action from politicians bought and paid for by the NRA. This reality means nothing will be done as a result of this latest carnage. 

However, it is a lie to claim that nothing can be done. Truth be told, we lack the courage to end the carnage of gun violence. No problem was ever solved by doing nothing. 

We all can do something. It starts with our choices for public office holders. When we start holding them, and gun makers liable, things will change.

James Revels is a retired Army colonel and former columnist for the El Paso Times who lives in East El Paso.