The 150 members of the Texas House of Representatives consider proposed laws and resolutions, decide whether to refer proposed constitutional amendments for submission to the voters and appropriate all funds for the operation of state government. District 75 represents the eastern portion of El Paso County, including Montana Vista, Horizon City, Socorro, Clint, San Elizario, Fabens and Tornillo. Texas representatives get paid $7,200 a year.

Who’s running for this seat?

Mary E. González, 39, a Democrat, is executive director at Mexican American School Boards Association and the incumbent in Texas House District 75.

Jonathan Mullins, a Libertarian, did not respond.

Candidate Questionnaires

Candidates were asked to limit their responses to 100 words. Responses have been lightly edited for grammar.

Gov. Greg Abbott has spent billions of dollars on border enforcement, traditionally a federal responsibility. What is the proper state role in enforcing immigration laws?

Mary E. González: The United States Constitution and the principles of federalism place responsibility for immigration and for border security directly with the federal government.

Jonathan Mullins: No response.

What steps should the state of Texas take to reduce gun violence, particularly mass shootings?

Mary E. González: We need a comprehensive approach to this awful problem — one that recognizes and addresses the root causes of violent behavior including alienation, misinformation, and radicalization and that also recognizes unfettered access to high-powered firearms puts our community at risk. All Texans should have access to mental health services in their communities. We have to teach students how to recognize and overcome misinformation and radicalization. We also have to keep firearms out of the hands of children, and pass and enforce laws that keep guns out of the hands of adults that should not have access to weapons.

Jonathan Mullins: No response.

In light of Roe v. Wade being overturned, what, if anything, should the state do about women’s health care issues and rights?

Mary E. González: All Texans deserve a full range of high-quality health care meeting their own needs. That includes affordable access to abortion, contraception and all other necessary health services, including post and prenatal care. Additionally, our students deserve to be accurately educated and informed. We must provide them with honest, age-appropriate information via a comprehensive sexual education curriculum, as the decisions they make can impact their health for the rest of their lives.

Jonathan Mullins: No response.

What steps do you support to improve public education in Texas, both at the K-12 and college level?

Mary E. González: Public preK-12 education needs significant and sustained increases in funding. Despite the remarkable progress we made with HB 3 in 2017, funding must account for cost increases over time. In addition, my legislative program includes establishing a commission of legislators and citizens to comprehensively review our accountability system and to recommend practical improvements that can be enacted by the Legislature. We must close the growing gap between students’ higher education costs and their ability to pay. More state financial aid funding is one part of addressing that problem, as is expanding our high-quality, lower-cost community colleges.

Jonathan Mullins: No response.

What steps should the state take to address climate change?

Mary E. González: The warming of our climate and increasing variability in our weather presents our El Paso region with significant and particular challenges. As our population and economy grows, so will our demand for water. We must find innovative ways to meet demand. One path must certainly be through conservation. I’m proud to have assisted an eastern El Paso County farmer with expanding drip irrigation for his crops. Exploring innovative and new techniques to support agriculture as a result of climate change is critical to our collective future.

Jonathan Mullins: No response.

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