Election Day 2022 is almost here. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 8.

More than 102,000 El Pasoans cast ballots during the early voting period, and tens of thousands more are expected to vote on Election Day. Voting experts say it helps to put together a plan before heading to the polls. Here’s what you need to build your election plan.

Make sure you are registered to vote

Only people who registered to vote in El Paso County before Oct. 11, 2022, are eligible to cast ballots in El Paso during this election. If you’re not certain that you are registered in El Paso, you can click here to double-check. If you’re still not sure, call the El Paso County Elections Department at 915-546-2154.

Know what’s on your ballot

The voting process can move more quickly if you know ahead of time what races are on the ballot.

Click here to create a personalized sample ballot. You’ll need to enter your name and birthdate.

You can print out the sample ballot, mark your selections and take it with you to the polls if you find that helpful.

Know more about the candidates

When you see your ballot, you’ll likely come across several races you haven’t heard a lot about. But you can use voter guides to quickly learn more about candidates in races that seem unfamiliar.

For local races, you can use the El Paso Matters Voter Guide to find out candidate stances on several key issues.

The League of Women Voters has a guide to help you navigate statewide races.

Find your polling place

You can cast a ballot at any of the more than 100 voting centers open in El Paso County on Election Day. You are not limited to voting at your neighborhood polling place. You can vote near your work, near your child’s school, or at any location most convenient to you.

Here are the Election Day voting centers in El Paso County.

Casting your vote

When you get to the vote center, you’ll see signs directing you where to go. You’ll need to first check in with an election official.

The election official will ask you for a form of ID. Make sure you have one of the seven acceptable forms of identification. The most common form of acceptable identification is a Texas driver’s license.

The election worker will ask you to verify the address listed on your registration. After the check-in is complete, the worker will give you a ballot form to put in the machine. You’ll also get a small kit that includes items that will allow you to vote without touching the screen if that is your preference. And you’ll get this cool sticker designed by Layla Gonzalez, a student at Jose J. Alderete Middle School.

You’ll then be directed to a voting machine. It’s OK to ask an election worker for help at any stage of the voting process. You’ll see instructions on placing your ballot form in the machine. You can choose English or Spanish instructions on the screen.

The various races on your ballot will appear on the screen, and you’ll be asked to select a candidate in each race. After going through all the races, you’ll get a summary of your choices on the screen. Review that summary to make sure it is accurately showing your choices. If you find something that seems to be wrong, you can go back on the screen and make a correction.

When you’re comfortable that all your choices are accurately reflected, you can push a button to cast your ballot. That will print your choices on your ballot form, and return the paper form to you.

Review the printed ballot to make sure it accurately reflects your choices. If you see a problem or are unsure of something, ask an election worker for help. Once you’re sure the ballot is what you want to cast, you’ll go to a ballot box and insert the form. Election workers will be available to help at this step if needed.

And then you’re done.

Voting by mail on Election Day

If you received a mail-in ballot, you can still cast it on Election Day. But the only way to ensure that it is received in time to be counted is to drop it off at the El Paso County Courthouse, 500 E. San Antonio Ave. You will need to present identification when dropping off the ballot.

Curbside voting

If you can’t enter a polling place without assistance or risk of injuring yourself, you can request that a ballot be brought to you curbside near a voting center. Make arrangements by calling the El Paso County Elections Department – 915-546-2154 – before heading to the voting center.

Robert Moore is the founder and CEO of El Paso Matters. He has been a journalist in the Texas Borderlands since 1986.