Three attorneys representing District Attorney Yvonne Rosales as she battles to keep her job asked to be taken off the case on Friday, citing “conflict” with their client.

Patrick Wilson, David Chavez and Luis Yañez had been representing Rosales in response to a court petition to remove her from office on the grounds of incompetency and official misconduct. The petition was brought by El Paso defense attorney Omar Carmona and is set for trial in March, with County Attorney Jo Anne Bernal representing the state in the effort to oust Rosales.

“Defense Counsel and Respondent (Rosales) have developed a conflict between the Attorney/Client relationship, which cannot be resolved,” the attorneys said in Friday’s court filing to District Judge Tryon Lewis of Odessa, who is presiding over the removal case. “Such Attorney/Client relationship has reduced the ability of present counsel to provide adequate representation and represent the Respondent in the above styled and numbered criminal action.”

Lewis has not ruled on the attorneys’ motion to withdraw from the case. Rosales hasn’t responded to a request for comment through her spokesperson.

Yañez also filed a motion Friday to withdraw from another action in which he was representing Rosales. He had been representing her in a request to the El Paso-based 8th Court of Appeals to issue a ruling that would overturn a gag order that District Judge Sam Medrano issued to parties – including Rosales – involved in the case of the man accused in the 2019 mass murder at an El Paso Walmart.

El Paso attorney Araceli Solis filed an entry of appearance and a motion in the 8th Court of Appeals case on Friday. It’s not clear if Solis is representing Rosales in the removal case, and she could not be reached for comment.