El Paso’s record streak of consecutive days above 100 degrees reached 38 on Sunday and appears likely to continue for at least several more days.

The streak of more than five weeks at 100 degrees or higher shattered the previous record of 23 days sent in 1994. The heatwave comes as scientists say global warming has created the warmest temperatures the Earth has seen in more than 100,000 years.

During the 38-day streak of triple-digit temperatures, El Paso’s daily high temperature averaged more than 105 degrees, almost 10 degrees above the average high, which is based on temperatures from 1990-2020.

Forecasters said the streak had a chance to end over the weekend thanks to additional clouds and some rain, and the National Weather Service all but predicted the streak was coming to an end on Sunday.

But less than an hour later, the temperature had shot up 3 degrees to 100.

The current National Weather Service forecast calls for highs above 100 from Monday through Friday. Midweek temperatures could climb to near 105.

The next chance to end the record-shattering streak of 100-plus days is the coming weekend, when high temperatures are forecast to be in the upper 90s. 

With forecasts calling for temperatures in the upper 90s or low 100s for the remainder of July, El Paso will demolish its previous record for the hottest month in 137 years of weather records. 

The average temperature in June 1994 and July 2020 was 88.9 degrees, the hottest months on record. Based on temperatures so far and the forecast for the remaining days of July, El Paso’s average temperature this month will be about 91.6 degrees, or 2.7 degrees hotter than any prior month.

Robert Moore is the founder and CEO of El Paso Matters. He has been a journalist in the Texas Borderlands since 1986.