Portions of Montwood Drive – from Montwood High School to Hanks High School – will be closed starting Sunday as part of a city street resurfacing project.

The closures will be solely on Montwood Drive and will stretch for two miles from Saul Kleinfeld Drive to Lee Trevino Drive. The work will continue through September. Different lanes may be closed on different days.

Area resident Jaime Hernandez said he is looking forward to getting a new street.

“It’s very much needed, and I’m glad they are doing that big of a piece,” said Hernandez, who has lived at the corner of Montwood Drive and Robert Wynn Street for 40 years. “I wish they would also do some of the side streets, they need it too.”

The majority of the repaving will be done at night and will start with the westbound lanes. The eastbound lanes will follow, according to the El Paso Streets and Maintenance Department.