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What you need to know about the fight over the Newman 6 power plant

El Paso Electric’s  goal of building a natural gas power plant on the city’s Northeast side is facing several hurdles that could delay or even derail the project.  The proposed facility, called Newman 6, would replace older and less-efficient equipment and “ensure a long-term” positive environmental  impact on the community, according to the utility. But […]

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Opinion: Air pollution from the Permian Basin is hurting El Paso; EPA should take action

By David Baake Every year, El Paso residents are exposed to dangerous levels of ozone, a corrosive air pollutant that attacks the lungs and other parts of the body, contributing to respiratory problems, cardiovascular issues, and premature deaths.  The American Lung Association ranks El Paso-Las Cruces at number 12 on a list of the most […]

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El Paso Electric reaches settlement with environment and community groups on Newman 6

The fight on Newman 6 is over. El Paso Electric and the coalition of community and environmental groups opposing the construction of the new methane power plant unit in Northeast El Paso announced an agreement Tuesday, removing the roadblocks to Newman 6’s construction. The environmental groups will withdraw their opposition to the plant, and in […]

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Court orders EPA to re-evaluate whether El Paso complies with clean air standards

The Environmental Protection Agency must re-evaluate whether El Paso is violating clean air standards, a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., has ruled. The decision stems from a federal lawsuit that challenged the EPA’s designation of multiple cities and counties around the country where pollution levels exceed 2015 National Ambient Air Quality Standards yet were […]

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What the new climate change report means for El Paso and the Southwest

The Southwestern United States is on the frontlines of climate change and the decades-long effects on the El Paso area will likely worsen, local and regional experts said, unless international governments curb fossil fuel emissions.  The Earth’s climate has undergone “unprecedented” and rapid change due to human activity but there is a small window to […]

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Opinion: El Paso shouldn’t double down on decades of misguided transportation policy

By Robert Storch The El Paso region is at an inflection point of making a major transportation decision with generational consequences to our future quality of life. Will we triple down on the destructive transportation system that currently dominates our city, or seek a more sustainable system going forward?  The Texas Department of Transportation is […]

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Opinion: Downtown I-10 plans will cause great damage to El Paso

By Robert Storch The failure of local leaders to adopt a comprehensive strategy for implementing long-range urban plans will result in permanent damage to the quality of life in Downtown El Paso and surrounding neighborhoods.  In 1925, urban planners recognized that a railroad running through Downtown El Paso hindered urban development. It was noisy, dirty […]

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Regional libraries took differing approaches to services, employees during pandemic

When COVID-19 reached the Southwest last March, library systems faced multiple challenges. The impact on Texas and New Mexico libraries has varied when it comes to budget cuts, furloughs and the level of services provided. The El Paso Public Library system has faced greater reductions in services than most other Texas big-city library systems. The […]

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“I feel like we’re losing more than we’re winning.” El Paso hospital workers share dire messages to El Pasoans

An ICU nurse left a grueling shift treating COVID-19 patients and was dismayed at what she saw as she drove through El Paso — full parking lots at shopping centers. “Does everyone need to see the gruesomeness that I saw today to comprehend it?” said the nurse, who asked not to be identified because she […]

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Indigenous diaspora: Leaving home and the journey across Mexico

By René Kladzyk and Maria Ramos Pacheco/El Paso Matters and Veronica Martinez/La Verdad  First of a three-part series  Lea esta historia en español Running children and crying babies create a cacophony at El Buen Samaritano shelter, but in a far corner, Carmela holds her 2-year-old in silence. She can’t communicate with anyone — she doesn’t know Spanish, and no one at the […]

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State orders leadership changes at El Paso nursing home in wake of El Paso Matters story on WWII vet’s COVID-19 death

This story has been updated with information from a letter sent Tuesday to Eugene Forti’s family from the Veterans Land Board. Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush has ordered a leadership shake-up at the Ambrosio Guillen Texas State Veterans Home in Northeast El Paso, hours after an El Paso Matters story raised questions about the […]

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COVID-19 stalks workers at another Juárez maquiladora

This story is republished with permission from La Verdad, an independent news organization in Ciudad Juárez. By Itzel Ramírez and Gabriela Minjáres/La Verdad On the production lines of the Regal Planta CASA maquiladora in Ciudad Juárez, where electric motors and other mechanical components are manufactured, the COVID-19 virus spread with lethality. Witnesses say it caused the death […]